Remote Trigger Sprayer




  • ECOPEST REMOTE TRIGGER SPRAYER provides the power and durability of an industrial quality sprayer with every pull of the trigger.
  • THIS WORKHORSE REMOTE TRIGGER SPRAYER IS PERFECT FOR LARGE SPRAYING JOBS. Offering a fully adjustable nozzle from a wide dispersed spray to a concentrated stream that allows you to choose how to apply liquids.
  • THE 36” DIP TUBE GIVES YOU THE FLEXIBILITY AND EXTENDED REACH to get the Trigger Sprayer head close to the job while holding the jug in your other hand.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE FOR: House and home use with cleaners, lawn and garden, pest and weed control, Pet care, misting, watering plants, auto, shop, garage, detailing and cleaning, etc.
  • HAS A 38/400 THREADED CLOSURE to fit most bottles and jugs.

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