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Filet anti-rongeurs - 50 ft

Knitted Copper Mesh for Mouse, Rat and most other Pests

Filet anti-rongeurs - 50 ft

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  • 100% PURE COPPER –Pure Copper, not Copper Alloy, It’s a soft and flexible pure copper mesh cloth. Copper mesh repels with a natural charge Manufactured in flattened copper wire for added copper surface area and increased deterrent levels
  • EASY TO APPLY - It's a roll about 5 inches wide, 20, 50, and 100 ft. long the flexible forming mesh can eliminate drafts can be cut to any size to stuff all kinds of openings holes tightly so they can't pull it out.
  • DURABLE – Weatherproof, whether used indoor or outdoor, dry or wet. Durable for years and works great to seal weep holes and around plumbing, A/C, vents, and other places where rodents and pests enter. Leave in place for year-on-year protection
  • ECO FRIENDLY - This is safer than steel wool, nonflammable, better than steel wool, as the wool is easy to get fire. Environmentally friendly, never rust like steel wool/mesh and will not leave rust stains on brick or wood. Repels pest slugs and snails, does not kill them. Harmless to birds and other wildlife.
  • Versatility - Stretchy and tubular, not only for pest control, protects your plants, flowers and vegetables but also can be used as fancy packaging material, copper ornament and art supply.
  • Will not leave rust stains on brick or wood
  • NON FLMAMABLE: Better Than Steel Wool, as the wool is easy get fire. Copper Mesh Is Easy Clear, Long Lasting.
  • IDEAL FOR USE: Used for openings, such as holes cracks, pipes enter siding and foundation eaves, roof tiles, retractable awnings, behind signs
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