What’s the Difference? Hornet vs. Wasp

What’s the Difference? Hornet vs. Wasp

We take a look at how to tell a hornet from a wasp, and whether either insect poses a threat to your property or personal safety.

By Bob Beacham | Updated Oct 25, 2021 11:03 AM

hornet vs wasp

From a young age, most children are taught to shy away from contact with hornets or wasps. Certainly, it’s wise advice for inquisitive kids. Nature gave these insects bright stripes for a reason.

However, while this certainly is a warning that these bugs can be dangerous, it is largely a defensive move; there is no need for an offensive one in response. Attacks are relatively rare if wasps are left undisturbed, though nest-building in homes and businesses can cause problems.

As a result of understandable caution, most people know little about these fascinating creatures, and hornet vs. wasp debates can often be misinformed. This short but detailed article looks at the difference between wasp and hornet size and behavior, and whether our caution is justified.

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