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Wilson® MOUSE OUT™ Piège à souris (piège intelligent)

Wilson® MOUSE OUT™ Piège à souris (piège intelligent)

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  • Mice and rats die in days
  • Control rats and mice resistant to conventional rodenticides
  • Rodenticide Pellets
  • Controls mice and rats




Remove all food sources prior to treatment. For the control of mice and rats, use Wilson® PredatorTM Rat & Mouse Killer place packs in commercially available bait stations. Mice and rats are sporadic feeders, so several bait stations are required. Place bait stations 1.2 to 1.8 m apart. Inspect bait stations every 48 hours and replace any spoiled bait.

Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for at least 6-8 days for mice and at least 8 days for rats, or until signs of mouse or rat activity cease for a period of 2 or more days. If all bait has been eaten from certain areas, add additional bait stations. 


Where there are signs of mouse or rat activity such as fresh droppings or near burrows, runs, feeding places and points of entry.


Protect bait stations from non-target animals. To prevent bait from spoiling, bait stations should be placed away from sources of moisture. Replace any wet or spoiled bait. Relocate bait stations to a dry location if necessary.


Pest Control Act (PCP) Number


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