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ECOPEST Mouse Snap Traps

ECOPEST Mouse Snap Traps

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ECOPEST easy set mouse trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use.

For effective mouse control, each trap comes with a large plastic trip pedal. The large pedal is easily activated - both by rodent interest in food and through accidental contact as mice scamper across the floor - to ensure maximum trapping.

Once a rodent triggers the pedal, the mouse trap immediately springs closed to eliminate the pest on contact. It can then be easily disposed of for quick and clean removal.

The traps require no chemicals, these are an ideal mouse control device for use around food and house

These traps should be placed where rodents travel, such as along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals.

Environmental friendly, safe and non-toxic

• Expanded trigger for the highest catch rates
• Easy to use
• For clean and quick trapping
• Easy disposal

Directions to Use

  • Place trap with bait pedal facing wall where activity is evident
  • Once set, the trap should not be moved. Set it in the area you intend to place
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • The trap will catch the mice upon contact if set properly
  • Always wash your hands after handling the traps

Option 1

$2.5 per trap (order of 12 pack) delivered at your doorstep

Option 2

$1.6 per trap (order of 24pack) delivered at your doorstep
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