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Wilson® MOUSE OUT™ Warfarin Block Mouse Bait Station

Wilson® MOUSE OUT™ Warfarin Block Mouse Bait Station

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  • The mouse you use to move a cursor around your computer screen is a good thing. Indoor mice, on the other hand, are a very bad thing.
  • They’re extremely unclean, leaving urine and feces. They also may be covered with ticks, which can transfer to pets, and in turn transfer to human beings, potentially infecting them with diseases like Lyme disease, Colorado tick fever and, believe it or not, the bubonic plague.
  • Don’t let mice plague you any longer! Get one, or several, MOUSE OUT Warfarin Block Mouse Bait Stations. The stations contain warfarin, an anticoagulant chemical that reduces the clotting ability of the blood.
  • After several feedings, house mice die from fatal hemorrhaging and your mouse plague should be history.
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